The Cleveland Chapter of the American Association of Individual Investors serves  Cleveland, Akron and other areas of Northeast Ohio.

AAII is a nonprofit organization that arms individual investors with the education and tools they need to build wealth. From stock investing to financial planning and retirement funding.

From the beginning,  AAII has answered the question, “Where can you go to get unbiased facts and effective knowledge about investing?”

AAII was founded in 1978 to foster the belief that individual investors armed with effective investment education materials and a bit of dedication could outperform the popular market averages.

Over thirty years later, many of the 150,000 members of AAII report investment returns that are consistently higher than those of the stock market as a whole.

Our organization’s resources, our way of thinking, and the exclusive benefits of membership in AAII combine to give investors a powerful advantage.


Chapter Mission Statement

AAII local chapters,  grassroots organizations led by volunteer AAII members,  allow AAII to extend its mission “person to person” to individual investors in their own communities by programming meetings that provide unbiased investment education in a social context.

Neither AAII,  the Cleveland Chapter or its Special Interest Groups provide individualized investment advice.  Individual securities and investment theories mentioned are used for educational and example purposes only and do not imply a recommendation to purchase or sell a particular investment or product.  Investors should consult a competent professional or exercise their own due diligence before acting on information provided through this site or other associated information referenced here or elsewhere.