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he Cleveland Chapter will be planning several local Investor Education seminars for 2017.  Please sign up for Chapter announcements to be notified of future events.

Next Seminar:

Computerized Investing

July, 2017

Presented by:  Jaclyn N. McClellan – Editor, AAII Computerized Investing

Ms. McClellan is an associate financial analyst at AAII and is editor of Computerized Investing, the premier service covering the use of personal computers for financial planning, investment analysis and portfolio management.  She contributes articles and reviews to Computerized Investing and writes for the AAII Journal.  McClellan also serves on the Stock Superstars Report and Dividend Investing advisory committees.

Featured Educational Article

Here’s a sample of the quality education we provide to individual investors. We hope you find it useful. It touches on one aspect of the broad subjects we cover for anyone who has an interest in handling their own investments.

The Importance of Diversification in Retirement Portfolios

by Craig L. Israelsen, Ph.D.

Article Highlights
* Six portfolios, with allocations ranging from all-cash to a mixture of stocks, bonds and cash, were analyzed using different withdrawal rates.
* A retiree holding an all-cash or an all-bond portfolio had the highest likelihood of running out of money before passing.
* Combining large-cap stocks, small-cap stocks, bonds and cash both greatly increased the odds of not outliving one’s savings and allowed for higher withdrawal rates.




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