Welcome to the Cleveland-Akron, Ohio chapter of the American Association of Individual Investors, a nonprofit organization that assists individual investors with the education and tools to build wealth, from stock investing to financial planning and retirement funding.

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COVID-19 Meeting Response

We will be hosting Subgroup meetings and seminars online. View updated information in the Subgroup and Seminar sections of this website. Depending upon the online platform used for a meeting, access will be accommodated either through AAII National, the Cleveland Chapter or select AAII Cleveland Chapter partners such as the Westlake Porter Public Library.

You may sign up for our AAII Cleveland Chapter e-mail list (which is separate and not coordinated with AAII’s list) at this link. Our various subgroups also have separate and distinct e-mail lists for privacy protection.

AAII has provided a list of coronavirus pandemic protocols to AAII local chapters and chapter leaders. In-person meetings can be resumed by those local chapters and special interest groups (SIGs) that have provided signed acknowledgement of these protocols:

Covid Protocols for in-person meetings

The protocols were constructed in good faith that members, meeting attendees and chapter leaders are aware of the risks of attending in-person meetings while the coronavirus and its variants are still around, regardless of the situation at the designated meeting facility, in the local municipality, at the state level or nationwide. We encourage those holding and attending in-person meetings to do so using common sense and in coordination with any safety policies required by their meeting facility, local laws, state requirements and federal guidelines.

Many AAII chapters are continuing to offer webinars in lieu of in-person events. These virtual presentations offer the same quality speaker presentations as the in-person events, while reaching a broader audience. 

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Investor Education

The Cleveland Chapter will host several local Investor Education seminars  in the upcoming months.  Please sign up for Chapter announcements to be notified of future events.

Next Seminar:

Monday, February 7, 2022

Tax Tips for Investors

At our next combined Chapter and Subgroup Meeting, Ian Abbott will review some of the tips and ideas that investors may use in the management of their portfolios with taxes in mind.  Record keeping, preparation methods and additional things financial may affect the bottom line as it relates to the taxation of income and the holding of certain assets.

Featured Educational Article

Here’s a sample of the quality education we provide to individual investors. We hope you find it useful. It touches on one aspect of the broad subjects we cover for anyone who has an interest in handling their own investments.

The Importance of Diversification in Retirement Portfolios

by Craig L. Israelsen, Ph.D.

Article Highlights
* Six portfolios, with allocations ranging from all-cash to a mixture of stocks, bonds and cash, were analyzed using different withdrawal rates.
* A retiree holding an all-cash or an all-bond portfolio had the highest likelihood of running out of money before passing.
* Combining large-cap stocks, small-cap stocks, bonds and cash both greatly increased the odds of not outliving one’s savings and allowed for higher withdrawal rates.
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